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Commercial Litigation - Lake Forest, Illinois

Our commercial litigation firm provides aggressive, determined and knowledgeable legal services for companies who have bad debt commercial receivables in Lake Forest, Illinois. As commercial litigation attorneys,we are expedient and highly proficient in the litigation process involving commercial receivables. We handle all types of commercial receivables utilizing our proven litigation techniquesand legal strategies. Our legal services have been used by satisfied clients around the globe and our firm stands prepared to do the same for your company in the Lake Forest area. 


Our commercial litigation fees are contingent based (with the exception of court costs and filing fees) and our attorneys receive a very reasonable percentage of the money that is collected. We provide commercial litigation services in Lake Forest and throughout the State of Illinois, so your commercial receivables can be handled by our attorneys regardless of where your debtors may be located in the state. We are also able to litigate commercial receivables on an hourly basis as well.

Our attorneys are highly effective and well seasoned commercial litigators and we will professionally represent your company in a court of law or as is required throughout the litigation process involving your commercial receivables. We have been providing successful commercial litigation services for our clients in the Lake Forest area for many years, whether they are a large Fortune 500 company, a medium level business or a small Mom and Pop shop, we handle all commercial litigation claims with the same intensity and professionalism.

We most assuredly know and understand how vitally important it is that our litigation attorneys collect the money that is owed to you as quickly and efficiently as is humanly possible. We sincerely believe that when it comes to commercial litigation in the City of Lake Forest, our attorneys and litigation staff are one of your best options in accomplishing your goals. Our firm can help turn what looks like a potential loss in revenue into a profitable gain. 

At the Spilotro Law Group, LLC, our commercial litigation services have been streamlined to collect your commercial receivables very quickly utilizing all available legal means and options at our disposal.  Our firm employs some of the most experienced commercial litigation attorneys available in City of Lake Forest. 

If you have bad debt commercial receivables to be collected or litigated in the Lake Forest area, the Spilotro Law Groupstandsready to serve you.

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6160 North Cicero Avenue - Suite 122, Chicago, IL  60646 Office: 773.451.9191


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